Connolly’s in Brief

Connolly Meats are an innovative agri-food company dedicated to creating great new food products and ideas in addition to their already famous and renowned lines of traditional pork and bacon products. Based on generations of knowledge in the pig industry, we are committed to ensuring that traditional values and flavours of days gone by are carefully incorporated with today’s advancements in technology to create products that are both affordable and desirable. This combined with our attention to detail and emphasis on quality has resulted in Connolly Meats becoming a household name we are proud of. Read More »


Committed to Quality

We pride ourselves on the level of quality we maintain on every aspect of our business, from ensuring that all our Irish pigs come from Bord Bia approved farms right through our production lines and delivery of the final product to its excited consumer. We believe in our ethos of consistently providing high quality produce in the knowledge that this builds confidence with our customers and in return their loyalty. Read More »


Butchers of Distinction

Connolly’s are proud to be part of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Standard, a truly international standard that utilizes HACCP, hygiene, food safety and quality systems that are recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). As a member of the BRC, it means you can be sure that Connolly’s have the very best, traceable, traditionally prepared meat available.

connolly-hughConnolly’s – Master Butchers Since 1824

“Here at Connolly’s we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. All of our products are cut and cured in the traditional way, using the finest pork, that’s why meals made with our meats taste so good.”

– Hugh Connolly